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A manufacturers’ representative, also known as independent sales representatives or sales agent, sales agency or company that sells and markets a manufacturer’s products to wholesale customers. Basically we are the marketing and sales arm to our manufacturers’. 


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Business Development

Talent Recruiting



Multi-line selling

Security Reps utilizes their established business connections to bring new products or manufacturers into the market, resulting in increased sales growth and quicker market penetration for the manufacturers. This sets them apart from in-house sales teams and other manufacturer representatives. 


At Security Reps, we take pride in being strong advocates for both our manufacturers and customers. Our success is measured by our ability to effectively match customer needs with our manufacturers' capabilities. This approach is further bolstered by the powerful Security Reps brand, which serves as a driving force in the marketplace.

Long-term relationships

A hallmark of Security Reps is their ability to attract and retain the top entrepreneurial, professional and goal-oriented talent in the security industry. 

More connections in the marketplace 

The Security Rep Firm provides unparalleled connections for our manufacturers. We excel at cultivating long-lasting relationships with distributors and customers, allowing us to create extensive networks. Our team is deeply ingrained in our territories, making us a trusted presence. Dependable Account Managers offer their expertise in product training, specification assistance, and problem resolution, ensuring a seamless experience.

Why use a Manufacturer’s Representative?

Outsourcing sales to a representative agency allows manufacturers to gain greater sales results while spending less. Rep agencies are the purest form of free enterprise. They finance their own growth and are paid only when they have performed. The manufacturer does not incur any cost until a sale is made and shipped. 

Reps finance the sale for their manufacturing principals—interest-free—and bear all of the expenses associated with fielding a professional sales force. Expenses include employee benefits, training costs, support staff, cars, travel, entertainment, insurance, office-related expenses, IT support costs, legal exposure risks, safety concerns, and many others. 

But cost is not the only issue. You want professional, knowledgeable reps who understand everything from local to global operations. You want reps who generate real results, and that starts with great relationships.


What Is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing involves the hiring of a third-party company to handle various sales activities on behalf of your business. These activities can range from finding potential clients and making sales calls to negotiating deals and managing customer relationships. By outsourcing sales, companies can achieve improved sales performance and expand into new markets without the need for additional resources or hiring new employees. Moreover, sales outsourcing provides access to specialized knowledge and expertise that may not be readily available within the company.

When partnering with Security Reps, we assume responsibility for recruiting, hiring, training, and managing your sales team(s), effectively acting as an extension of your company's sales department. In certain cases, our sales professionals will represent your brand to your customers. Just as businesses outsource processes like payroll, human resources, and marketing, your sales processes can also benefit from outsourcing. Connect with one of our Vice Presidents to discuss the ideal plan for collaborating with your business.

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An Interview Guide for Manufacturers

A resource and guideline to help you, the emanufacturer, select a firm to respresent your company to help build a long term sustainable growth oriented business.


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Revenue Generation

We are a dedicated sales team, that thrives on synergy between our product manufacturers. We offer options of service depending on your company's needs and desires.

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Brand Marketing

Incorporate marketing into every aspect of your company, including customer service, sales, support, and web presence. Our specialized program provides all the necessary tools and tactics of a comprehensive marketing department, eliminating the need to hire additional personnel.

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Talent Recruiting

Hiring and retaining intellectual human capital is challenging. Our industry experience and network of people gives us a unique advantage to identify, attract, and onboard talented people for your business.  Talk to us about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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Lead Generation

We align with your business challenges, offering a consultative approach to seize new opportunities. Our team understands the balance and frequency of building an opportunity. Sales and marketing must work together for success.