Security Reps has worked for more than 20 years to build long-term connections for our clients.


We are here

Our offices are located in the Southeast reprsented by the map. Today about 80 Million people live and work in the Southeast United States. These states include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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The Security Reseller Channel

We contribute our thoughts and opinions to help keep our contractors in the business of installing professional grade systems and solutions for their clients. These resellers, often referred to as contractors, or system integrators, work with us to present, demonstrate, install and service best in class products. From school districts and healthcare to restaurants and airports, our manufacturers offer leading product solutions for the highest level of use and investment protection for every customer.

The cost of business

We understand the cost of doing business with new manufacturers, new products, or any change in technology that disrupts your operations. We are here to show technology that changes your company to help streamline your business. Guaranteed to work, maximize uptime, remote management for effective response on-time, and manufacturers who want to support and work with you.



Reputation is key.

End users are your clients, and your clients have entrusted you to developing a sound plan from your experience, ideas, and thoughts. We are a reliable sounding board for ideas and thoughts.
We also help expand your professional network through introductions to other end users, manufacturers, and systems integrators.  We can help expose advanced ideas, methods and technical expertise to help fast track your designs and proposals. Whether it is vetting technology use cases, or solving a difficult standards requirement, we can help.

Factory Production


Security isn't your business.

There are a lot of choices for security for your business and that makes the choice difficult. Talking with us about your needs is helpful. We offer resources that include face to face discussions, roundtable discussions with other users in your same or alike business, introductions to systems integrators and contractors with skill sets needed, as well as meeting with manufacturers directly to see their operations and business. We believe you should have security that works for you, not the other way around. 

Save Time And Money

We believe all things security shouldn't be difficult to understand. We can make it simple, easier and more palatable. 

First Responders

Our cutting-edge products and innovative systems are designed to meticulously analyze events, ensuring utmost accuracy and significantly enhancing response times.


Enhance your communication with our advanced features such as mass notification, area of refuge assistance, emergency call system, crystal-clear audio recording, seamless two-way talk, and preemptive visitor management.


Advanced artificial intelligence-based video security and access control systems offering advanced, adaptable solutions for on-premise or cloud.


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